Take a guess…

 I found this lovely little pink purse at the Bay! Guess has always been one of my favorite brands and always will be đź–¤

Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than wearing the colour Red

Whether it’s on your lips, nails, toes or heels, red allows not just anyone woman but anyone to feel sexier! Colours have such a strong influence on how we perceive. Imagine seeing someone walking down the street and the first thing you notice is her cute yellow jacket and yellow bureau hat. You’re likely to think she’s a happy cheery individual. Where as you notice you draw less attention and calmer vibe when people are around you and your head to toe black outfit! Don’t get me wrong, my whole closet is black. (Okay, no it’s not) but even wearing some sexy red underwear will give you a kickstart confidence boost to your day. 

In my MOM’s closet 

Ladies… Do you remember those days of being a little girl and putting on your mom’s heels and watching her get ready?? We looked up to her mothers womanhood of glamour and beauty & and couldn’t wait to do the same when we grew up! As a kid I’d always raid my mom’s closet, going through her dresses, hats, and shoes, not that I was going anywhere and not that she didn’t get annoyed but I loved to dress up. And some things really don’t change. Because every time I visit my mothers house I always take a peek of what’s in her closet. I just can’t help myself. If it wasn’t for my moms closet I wouldn’t be the doll of fashion that I am today. 

How to put it all together 

So how do you make an outfit? It really just happens by pairing things all together. You start with a for sure piece that you’ve already decided on such as the black skater girl dress in the second photo. And then accessories come into the picture such as a skull purse, a skull bandana, leather bracelets, leather jacket, distressed jewellery, red lipstick, voluminous messy hair, you name it! All of these things make an outfit. It’s important to decide on your theme of the day and add onto that idea. Be creative, see what goes together and really just have fun with it! After all, it is fashion. If you like it, wear it! 

Good times bad times

My time at the boutique has come to an end for my coop program. I was offered a job at Andie’s where I can further my experience and develop new learning opportunities. I am very excited to join in the summer and continue to work in such a great business. The thing I love most about Andy’s is the variety of clothing it has for a variety of ages. Grandmothers will come in with her granddaughter and both will come out satisfied with a new outfit for their closet. The store is amazing for any of occasion and any event that you have, without a doubt and our help you walk out of the store with a smile. 

The skirf…

So this bottom piece may or may not be a scarf. Honestly i’ll truly never know but what would it matter especially when I have two different ways and possibly more to wear this scirf. (yes I made this up) I found this at the bay where apparently I live at and indulge in! It was located in a section of hanging skirts which encouraged me to try on this stunning navy blue and bedazzled bottom. After trying on the scarf or skirt and falling in love, especially with the price, a score of $30!! I came across the matching hat which further brought me to the conclusion that this could in fact be a circle scarf. This only inspires me to play up more of my clothing in creative ways and wear them without the basic conforming of clothing. At this point, I’m thinking why not wear a button down shirt backwards I mean what if that’s cute you never know until you try! Style tip: have fun and be creative with you clothing!! 

Claws out for the Meow’s Boutique…

This fabulous boutique in uptown Waterloo sells the most glamorous pieces of clothing you’ll find! Not only is it a store full of unique items but a lot of it is vintage. (Actual good vintage!) You’ll find gloves and hats from the 1920’s, gowns from the 60’s, and amazing $8 pants with a cigarette burn in it. Such an amazing variety of the most fashionable pieces! The Meow Boutique is a must see! 

Going classic

Accessorizing with pearls is always a classic move that never fails to impress or play up an outfit. The old Hollywood aesthetic will likely never go out of style due to the sweet, simple and elegant look. To go classy and casual you can pair a pearl necklace with a two piece denim outfit. Or add this quick grab accessory to any fancy outfit to create an eye catching element.

Well, if the shoe fits.. rock them!

With prom around the corner it was time to find the perfect shoes. These but dazzled babies were purchased at Spring shoe store for $50 with a added bonus of 30% off! Wooh, sale! After looking and looking and slowly getting rid of options I finally found the perfect shoe to match my stunning rose gold prom dress. (that btw I can’t wait to post about once I do the big reveal) I was looking for crystals or something rose gold itself and of course something within budget! So? Style tip: When shopping it’s important to remember that you can satisfy your “expensive” taste and your wallet. It is tricky but it is possible. Seriously, I’m broke and will never spend more than what I think is worth but I do believe I have a gift for great finds.

 Too much or Not enough??

Any outfit can go from dull to glam in the matter of seconds. In the photo above is a below the knee length dress with a touch of sequin. Sold at Andie’s boutique! Whether you’re having a date night, attending a wedding, or even grocery shopping, you name it! You can rock this gown.  

Let’s start simple. How can we play this dress down? A lot of people at the boutique have fallen in love with this dress and often wear them to weddings. The questions and complaints are always the same, “how much wear will I get out of the dress?” Well to make the piece more casual, the idea should be to draw attention away from the most eye catching or fancy part. That would be the sequins in this case! You can do this by adding a belt around the waist line, a cute thin brown belt would add a different effect to the dress by playing simple. A look I’m dying to try with this dress to play it down is a blue denim jacket paired with rounded sunglasses that are Ozzy Osborne inspired, and a pair of black vans. Who’s with me?!! Ugh, so cute! To make an outfit  glamorous it’s important to keep in mind that simple can be more. Focussing on trying to do too much can overwhelm an outfit and result in a tacky look. The dress itself is enough as is! Trying a few rings and maybe a diamond chocker would create the glam look you’re going for without becoming a bling freak.