Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than wearing the colour Red

Whether it’s on your lips, nails, toes or heels, red allows not just anyone woman but anyone to feel sexier! Colours have such a strong influence on how we perceive. Imagine seeing someone walking down the street and the first thing you notice is her cute yellow jacket and yellow bureau hat. You’re likely to think she’s a happy cheery individual. Where as you notice you draw less attention and calmer vibe when people are around you and your head to toe black outfit! Don’t get me wrong, my whole closet is black. (Okay, no it’s not) but even wearing some sexy red underwear will give you a kickstart confidence boost to your day. 


Good times bad times

My time at the boutique has come to an end for my coop program. I was offered a job at Andie’s where I can further my experience and develop new learning opportunities. I am very excited to join in the summer and continue to work in such a great business. The thing I love most about Andy’s is the variety of clothing it has for a variety of ages. Grandmothers will come in with her granddaughter and both will come out satisfied with a new outfit for their closet. The store is amazing for any of occasion and any event that you have, without a doubt and our help you walk out of the store with a smile.