Too much or Not enough??

Any outfit can go from dull to glam in the matter of seconds. In the photo above is a below the knee length dress with a touch of sequin. Sold at Andie’s boutique! Whether you’re having a date night, attending a wedding, or even grocery shopping, you name it! You can rock this gown.  

Let’s start simple. How can we play this dress down? A lot of people at the boutique have fallen in love with this dress and often wear them to weddings. The questions and complaints are always the same, “how much wear will I get out of the dress?” Well to make the piece more casual, the idea should be to draw attention away from the most eye catching or fancy part. That would be the sequins in this case! You can do this by adding a belt around the waist line, a cute thin brown belt would add a different effect to the dress by playing simple. A look I’m dying to try with this dress to play it down is a blue denim jacket paired with rounded sunglasses that are Ozzy Osborne inspired, and a pair of black vans. Who’s with me?!! Ugh, so cute! To make an outfit  glamorous it’s important to keep in mind that simple can be more. Focussing on trying to do too much can overwhelm an outfit and result in a tacky look. The dress itself is enough as is! Trying a few rings and maybe a diamond chocker would create the glam look you’re going for without becoming a bling freak. 


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