Take a guess…

 I found this lovely little pink purse at the Bay! Guess has always been one of my favorite brands and always will be đź–¤


Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than wearing the colour Red

Whether it’s on your lips, nails, toes or heels, red allows not just anyone woman but anyone to feel sexier! Colours have such a strong influence on how we perceive. Imagine seeing someone walking down the street and the first thing you notice is her cute yellow jacket and yellow bureau hat. You’re likely to think she’s a happy cheery individual. Where as you notice you draw less attention and calmer vibe when people are around you and your head to toe black outfit! Don’t get me wrong, my whole closet is black. (Okay, no it’s not) but even wearing some sexy red underwear will give you a kickstart confidence boost to your day. 

In my MOM’s closet 

Ladies… Do you remember those days of being a little girl and putting on your mom’s heels and watching her get ready?? We looked up to her mothers womanhood of glamour and beauty & and couldn’t wait to do the same when we grew up! As a kid I’d always raid my mom’s closet, going through her dresses, hats, and shoes, not that I was going anywhere and not that she didn’t get annoyed but I loved to dress up. And some things really don’t change. Because every time I visit my mothers house I always take a peek of what’s in her closet. I just can’t help myself. If it wasn’t for my moms closet I wouldn’t be the doll of fashion that I am today.