Cheap chic

These lovely black suede heels are my favourite find of the day. I originally had the idea to go to Le chateau for a browse at shoes, which by the way I was basically harassed by the stylists and consultants that work there. I’m literally just looking, DO NOT BRING ME SHOE SIZES!!! The shoes here are amazing but seriously, I’m broke and nowhere near willing to pay $100 (of my own money anyway šŸ˜‰ on a single pair of shoes. So after feeling obligated to try on 3 different pairs (I’m sorry where actually did this guy get the idea that I wanted to try on shoes though, really.) I went down to the Bay, a shopping haven in my eyes! And looked at there shoes. Glorious but outrageous due to pricing if you’re lacking bank like myself and most people. Although, I did find the perfect pair! They were stunning leather heels with a cut out at the ankles. Ugh. But $175 isn’t gonna happen! At this point I was ready to give up on my shopping trip but I figured I’d try one last store and that was H&M. Boy oh boy, was I in luck. They had pink suede and black suede and leather heels, for $35!!! SCORE!!! and not only that but they were the exact same shoes I had seen at the Bay. The kind workers at H&M who kindly let you shop without any harassment reassured me that the quality was the same and that hey, if there $35, you’d be getting money’s worth even if it lasted you a year.

Style tip: shop smart, smart cheap & chic


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